Ogbako EgbemaAlinsois a socio-cultural and homogenous group of towns in Nigeria, spread politically in Rivers and Imo States. Inspite of the political balkany, the people of Egbema remain homogenous and relate socially, politically, culturally and even economically. The bounding deity for all Egbema Towns and Villages is the Olili at Umuorji believed to be our ancestral centre.

The new initiative therefore seeks to improve on the unity, and promotion of Alinso Culture and tradition. To achieve this, the people are careful not to allow Nigerian political style and the players from EgbemaAlinso, to deter or truncate our natural values.


  1. To think Egbema before self.
  2. To selflessly map out strategies for Education, infrastructure, cultural, political, economic and traditional development of Egbema kingdom.
  3. To promote the values of our culture, hitherto is bastardizedby politics.
  4. To liaise with Government Agencies for The Development of EgbemaAlinso.
  5. To ensure the principles of one for All Egbema and All for one Egbema.
  6. To sustain a relationshipthat will eschew greed and gluttony of Egbema Socially, cultural and political leadership.
  7. To make efforts to develop the authentic History of EgbemaAlinso in Nigeria.
  8. To ensure quality representation of Egbema peoplein all sphere of life.
  9. To reposition Egbema, where we should be, on the world map.
  10. Development of a constitution for Egbema New Initiative (OgbakoEgbema) and registration with the corporate affairs (CAC).


To achieve the above, however, the following strategies are suggested:

  1. Regrouping where we are for instance Port Harcourt, Owerri, Lagos and Abuja etc and in Diaspora.
  2. Choose credible and eligible leaders from all the Egbema Towns to Head and manage the groups.
  3. Propagate A NATIONAL LEADER”and executives across the divide.
  4. Tackle security issues, cultism, kidnapping, assassination, arson and robbery.
    • Carry out campaign against cultism
    • Renouncing of cultism and other fetish practices.
    • Articulate a just and common course for Egbema EGBEMA NATIONAL DAY
  5. Liaise with relevant government agencies for the development and empowermentof Egbema Youths.
  6. Float a common education foundation for Egbema sons and daughters
    • Scholarship
    • Raise fund to support foundation
    • Award presentation to best Egbemastudents all over the world
    • Carrier counselling, guidance and engagement plan.

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