The Egbema tribe originated from the ancient Igodomigodo Kingdom which later became the Edo Kingdom of which the present Bini Kingdom was a part. At about 700AD, the draconian reign of the then Ogiso "King" (probably Odoligie 712 - 767AD) led to mass migration of several families and minority communities to avoid extermination. It was commonplace that any perceived resistance to orders of the then Ogoiso was regarded as treason and punishable with gruesome death.

Among the migrants was the Egbema tribe. They were a fairly large ethnic group then and wisdom suggested that could not all cluster in one particular place for fear of attack. While remained behind, others moved on to present day Delta, Bayelsa, Anambra, Ebonyi, I'm and Rivers States. The River Niger and its tributaries were probably the routes of migration.

Many of their original cultural identities have been lost or diluted due to inter-tribal marriages, acculturation, and social affinities characteristic of modernization, cultural mix and travels.

In spite of this great loss of commonality, Egbema people still recognize themselves as one common people bound together by aboriginal roots. The tongues May differ but the tribe remain one.

Culled from: The Egbema History Project by Egbema Developmental Watch Organization (2020)

Abuja Chapter President

Mr. Francis Amutadi

Abuja Chapter President

Sir Ifi Igwebuike Sunny Francis.

President Port Harcourt chapter

Chief Bar. Mike Mbama Okiro.

National leader


1st National leader and Nze of Egbema Kingdom

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